Friday, October 4, 2013

UK: US tourist, 57, Severely Beaten, Dies in 2006 at Hands of Brutal Assailant, Murderer Receives OLR

According to The Daily Mail, Colin Ross, 41, has been warned he may never leave prison, despite being eligible to ask the parole board to free him next year. 

Ross, jailed for a frenzied, brutal attack on an American woman, 57, had his minimum term slashed from 20 years to eight years this week, although Ross was the first person in Scotland to be given an Order for Life-long Restriction (OLR), a new form of life sentence introduced in 2006.

Judge Lord Wheatley, who imposed the sentence, branded the attack on 57-year-old teacher Marty Layman-Mendonca as “evil and inhuman." Ross inflicted at least 19 blows, causing horrific injuries to Marty’s eye sockets, cheeks and jaw. 

Layman-Mendonca was ultimately found by a police dog, unconscious and lying in a ditch. Marty, from Vermont, spent three months in hospital in Inverness in a coma before being flown back to the US, where she died a month later. 

COMMENT: Ross, who pleaded guilty to attempted murder, admitted battering her with a metal pipe and a boulder.

Ms. Layman-Mendonca was hiking on the Great Glen Way in July 2006 when Ross ambushed her a few miles south of Inverness on a forestry track at Blackfold.

OLR means that, after serving a minimum sentence, a prisoner can be freed only if the person is no longer considered a danger to the public. After that, they remain under close supervision for the rest of their life.

One can only hope that Ross is never released from prison, given the hostility, rage and anger he has toward womankind.

I continue to urge against solo women travelers "going it alone," as there is always increased safety in numbers, yet women traveling alone who are not capable of effectively protecting themselves should take a series of classes in defensive tactics from a reputable provider to build confidence, strength and timing with the objective of disabling an assailant and escaping to safety.