Monday, November 18, 2013

Australia: German Tourist, 21, Accosted, Stabbed by Two Teenagers, Both 16, in Brisbane Café

According to, two teenagers (one boy, one girl), both sixteen years of age, punched and stabbed a German tourist, 21, after stealing his laptop and hat in a Brisbane café on Sunday night (November 17).

The 21-year-old tourist was at a café in South Brisbane when the teenagers converged on him.

COMMENT: The German victim was seemingly alone and working on his laptop at the time when the youths confronted him.

When the tourist endeavored to take his laptop back, the girl stabbed him in the arm with a knife while the boy punched him.

Subsequently, the victim sustained cuts to his right shoulder and lip and was promptly taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital for treatment. 

Both youths have been charged with armed robbery and will be prosecuted under the Youth Justice Act.

Even in developed nations, all tourists and travelers should be wary of those around them and have a keen sense of personal security awareness.

If working on a laptop or any electronic device that has significant value, particularly when one is alone, efforts should be taken to position oneself as far into the interior of a restaurant as possible and continually observe those around them for indicators of surveillance by others.

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