Saturday, November 2, 2013

Colombia: Medical Professionals Take to the Streets Over Congress' Revamping of Healthcare

According to The Latin American Tribune, Colombian healthcare workers took to the streets on Tuesday (October 29)  to denounce the crisis in the sector and express their rejection of an overhaul being discussed in Congress because they feel that it will worsen the situation.

In Bogotá, workers dressed in white lab coats marching toward downtown Bolívar Square.

Unfortunately, the healthcare overhaul that has already passed the Senate and is pending in the lower house has sparked criticism from different sectors that feel it will not resolve assorted deep-seated problems.

President Juan Manuel Santos’ proposal “maintains and strengthens the health business,” said the National Interns and Residents Association.

COMMENT: As in the case of the President Barack Obama's signature health care overhaul in the US, which has turned 1/5 of the US economy "upside down," known sarcastically as "Obama-care," it is too bad that the healthcare professionals in the US did not register their objections to "Obama-care" more strongly as have the Colombians.

Sadly, President Obama politicized the healthcare debate in the US and run "Obama-care" through a sympathetic Congress even though most Americans disagreed strongly with the program's features.

Worse, even though Obama had three years to implement "Obama-care," its implementation has been a "train-wreck" with most Americans of late increasing their displeasure the US' new healthcare system that may in the end fail under its own weight if the country's young adults don't fully subscribe to "Obama-care."

Increasingly, politicians from Bogotá to Washington seemingly know better how to provide medical care that the well-trained scientists and medical professionals who provide medical care every day to their citizens. What a pity.