Monday, November 18, 2013

Colombia: One-Hundred US-Manufacturered Semi-Auto Pistols Missing from Police Warehouse

According to The Latin American Tribune, one-hundred, US-manufactured semi-auto pistols destined for distribution to Colombian police officers have turned up missing in a police warehouse.

The theft was discovered while the firearms were being inventoried
COMMENT: The responsible police commander did not specify the date on which the theft occurred at the police warehouse in the capital of Bogotá, but no doubt "heads are sure to roll," as is the common practice.

Yet, the reality is that firearms and other high-value equipment such as ballistic-resistant vests frequently disappear while in police custody in a number of Latin American nations, given the high demand by rebels and criminals alike.

Sadly, few firearms and other high-value equipment are ever recovered by police, even when cash rewards are offered, as many unethical cops, prompted by cash and other motives, often are behind missing equipment which understandably results in few recoveries.

The pistols were for the Colombian National Police (CNP), which is offering a reward of up to 20 million pesos (about US$10,500) for information leading to the resolution of the crime and the capture of those responsible.