Saturday, November 23, 2013

Egypt: Update--Interior Minister Reports Several Terror Attacks Foiled by Muslim Brotherhood

According to The Associated Press, Egypt's Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim said on Saturday (November 23) that his forces have foiled several attempted terror attacks and arrested leading militants, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of mobilizing and financing some of the country's most violent groups to cause unrest.

Ibrahim's comments were the first detailed examples offered by a senior Egyptian official to back claims that the Brotherhood, the group of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, is responsible for attacks against security, government institutions and the country's Coptic minority.

COMMENT: The Muslim Brotherhood has denied government claims that it uses or condones violence.

Ibrahim told reporters that five senior militants were detained from two pro-Morsi sit-ins which authorities broke up violently in August. Ibrahim accused sit-in participants of stockpiling weapons. He said other militants arrested were released from prison by Morsi's government.

Unfortunately, Ibrahim did not identify the Muslim Brotherhood extremists allegedly responsible for the latest terror attacks, although transparency by any Egyptian official is more the exception than the norm.

Sadly, it is political discourse and unpredictability that continues to produce uncertainty in Egypt's political forecast.