Monday, November 25, 2013

India: Kidnapped French Tourist, 25, Released After French Embassy Applies Pressure

According to, a kidnapped 25-year-old French national was rescued on Sunday (November 24) by police in Jaipur after he was allegedly kidnapped by three persons.

According to tourist police station in-charge Bhagwan Sahay, following an alert from the French Embassy about the alleged kidnapping of French citizens Anthony Leonitat, they set up check-posts in the city and rescued the youth while nabbing three persons who were allegedly involved in the abduction. 

COMMENT: Police said that the three accused had kidnapped the French youth from a nearby hotel in the city. They then forced the kidnap victim to call his family back in France and placed a demand for a ransom for his release.

Short-term abductions are a common occurrence throughout developing countries, which is why it is essential for all foreign travelers to do the following: 

1. Register your foreign itinerary and personal information with your appropriate foreign affairs agency, if they provide such a service on the their website;

2. Stay in touch with close friends and family while abroad daily via email, Skype, etc., so that they know in real-time that you're well and safe;

3. Always obtain international medical treatment and evacuation insurance before leaving home, as obtaining such coverage after the fact may not be possible,

Normally such coverage runs US$8-11 per day and can be invaluable for persons traveling internationally. For frequent travelers, annual policies are available,

Without such coverage, travelers may be forced into guaranteeing payment in  advance with a credit card or cash.

Note: It is unwise for foreign travelers to use Facebook to keep friends and family abreast of their adventures abroad, UNLESS they specify privacy controls designed to restrict only close family and friends being aware of  their foreign adventures.