Tuesday, November 26, 2013

México: Four Gunmen, Security Guard Killed While Robbing a Hospital ATM in Mexico City

According to The Latin American Tribune, four suspected robbers and a security guard died in a shootout at an ATM  at the National Rehabilitation Institute, situated in the southern section of Mexico City, according to the Federal District’s Public Safety Secretariat said.

The four gunmen attempted to stage an armed robbery as three guards reloaded the ATM inside the hospital's with cash on Monday (November 25) at the hospital, in the southern section of Mexico City.

The gunmen, who were wearing hospital lab coats and had stolen identification, entered the facility through an emergency exit and made their way to the ATM, where the shootout occurred.

One of the guards, identified as Carlos Castro, “died at the scene from shots to the neck and chest,” while the other two guards, Victor Ignacio Flores Montero and Miguel Angel Ontiveros Martínez, are being treated at different hospitals for gunshot wounds.

COMMENT: The hospital continued operating normally after the attempted robbery of the ATM, which is located on the hospital’s lower level, the Health Secretariat said.

As I have often said in the past, travelers of all nationalities should NOT use ATMs situated on public streets, as such facilities are almost always being watched by criminals.

Alternatively, travelers should ALWAYS use ATMs situated inside of financial institutions during daylight hours only.

Another common criminal tactic in México involves "ATM abduction" whereby visitors unaccustomed to local crime strategies are abducted off the street at gunpoint while making cash withdrawals  from an ATM.

Such victims often are later taken to an isolated ATM where they are forced to make a maximum withdrawal from an ATM and even held over until the next day whereby another maximum withdrawal is made before being released.

Resisting such robberies at gunpoint can easily result in serious injury or loss of life for those victims who don't fully cooperate.