Thursday, November 21, 2013

Texas: Former Dallas Police Officer, 57, Sentenced to 366 Days in Federal Prison for Harboring Illegal

According to The Latin American Tribune, Favian LaTorre, 57, of Dallas, TX, was sentenced this week to 366 days in federal prison by Chief US District Judge Sidney A. Fitzwater and ordered to pay $10,493 in restitution, following his guilty plea in February 2013 to one count of conspiracy to harbor an alien. 

LaTorres' co-conspirator, Gloria Palacios, 40, also of Dallas, pleaded guilty to the same offense and was sentenced earlier this month to 24 months in federal prison. LaTorre must surrender himself to the Bureau of Prisons on January 7, 2014; Palacios has been in custody since her arrest in December 2012. The announcement was made by US Attorney Sarah R. Saldaña of the Northern District of Texas.

LaTorre was originally a police officer with the Dallas Independent School District (DISD), but lost his job as a result of he and Palacios' conspiring to commit a crime.

According to his filed factual resume, in July 2008, LaTorre began recruiting a Salvadoran national, then 15 years of age, to come to the US illegally to provide care for a young child he and co-conspirator Palacios had together. LaTorre had taken his young child to El Salvador for a brief period during 2008, and during that time, the Salvadoran cared for the child in El Salvador.

LaTorre and Palacios promised the Salvadoran's parents that they would arrange for the young girl to travel to the US with the help of a “coyote.” LaTorre and Palacios also promised the parents that they would pay to smuggle the youngster into the US and that she would be safe.

The illegal Salvadoran subsequently traveled from El Salvador to the US with the “coyote” hired by LaTorre and Palacios. When the two Salvadoran entered the U.S. with the “coyote,” LaTorre picked up the young girl in Houston and transported her to Palacios’s residence in Dallas.

COMMENT: The purpose of this posting is to put all  US and foreign residents on notice that they could easily go to prison for engaging in an elaborate conspiracy to transport, harbor and conceal the whereabouts of an illegal alien brought into a foreign country.

The young Salvadoran illegal lived and worked in Palacios’s residence, caring for LaTorre and Palacios’s young child, from September 2008 until approximately February 2009. During this time, LaTorre concealed, harbored, and shielded the girl from detection in Palacios’s residence and elsewhere.