Thursday, December 12, 2013

Aruba: German Tourist, 48, Hit, Killed By a Motorcycle Officer Enroute to an Emergency

According to The Associated Press, media reports in Aruba indicate that  a German tourist, Stephanie Schofer, 48, was a passenger aboard a Carnival Corp.-owned cruise-ship when she was hit by an Aruban motorcycle officer en-route to an emergency call, when she was hit while crossing a street.

At the time of the incident, the officer hit the young woman while his emergency lights and siren were activated.

COMMENT: Police High Commissioner Dolfi Richardson told reporters that he has sent condolences to Schofer's family. Commissioner Richardson reports that the officer was hospitalized, but is expected to recover.

If there is any lesson learned in this case, it is that when we embark on a trip abroad we can never know what events will cross our path while abroad.

As I have often said, and as many of our regular readers know all too well, many foreign travelers who embark on trips abroad can never predict what the outcome of their visit will be.

Thus, I strongly recommend the following:

1. Register your itinerary with your appropriate foreign affairs agency, in this case, Germany, so that the Federal Foreign Office could know of Ms. Schofer's travel plans and assist her family with final arrangements;

2. Subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation insurance in the event a traveler is injured or becomes ill while abroad. Without such coverage, medical evacuation from a destination back home can be cost-prohibitive, with many such evacuations easily reaching $100,000. For information on such coverage, go to:; and

3. Ensure that an advanced medical directive is carried in your personal belongings in the event you cannot speak for yourself if hospitalized.