Thursday, December 12, 2013

Australia: Rape of Belgian Tourist, 25, in Sydney Described as "Absolutely Horrofic, Brutal"

According to The Daily Telegraph, brighter than normal lighting fixtures have been installed in a Potts Point lane-way where a Belgian tourist, 25, was raped on November 20 at approximately 2030 hours.
The Sydney City Council yesterday (December 11) said three LED light fixtures had been erected at the Victoria St lane-way, which are brighter and more cost-effective than traditional street and park lighting.

"The City "piloted" the lights before they were installed, and more than 90% of pedestrians surveyed said they found the new lights appealing, and three-quarters said the LEDs improved visibility," the spokeswoman said.

COMMENT:  Police investigating the rape of the tourist described it as "absolutely horrific and brutal."

The Daily Telegraph revealed in the days after the attack that just one amber lamp lit up the 85-meter (279 feet) tunnel, which leads into the dead-end at Tesculum Lane.

To date, no CCTV surveillance cameras have been installed in the area where the rape occurred.

Ausgrid, which owns and operates the lighting in and around the tunnel, said at the time they were in discussions with the City Council to increase security.

A council spokeswoman said the same LED lights were being used in Los Angeles, New York City, London and Hong Kong, where they were proving popular and effective.

Detectives are awaiting the results of DNA testing, which was carried out on the victim's clothing and personal belongings.

The victim departed Sydney soon after she was released from the hospital, and returned to Belgium, although investigators have stayed in touch with her in terms of the keeping her up-to-date on the status of DNA analysis.

Presumably, if a suspect is arrested and formally charged, the Belgian victim could be brought back at the Crown's expense to testify against her assailant.

Whenever a foreign crime victim is attacked abroad, it is prudent for those managing victim compensation programs to liberally use available funds to return them to their homeland at no cost to themselves, as one of the worst representatives of a nation is a foreign crime victim, particularly one involving a violent rape.