Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brazil: Edward Snowden Seeks Asylum in Brasília Despite Rousseff's Refusal

According to The Latin American Tribune, former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden,  30,  who has become radioactive in most countries, insists that he will seek permanent asylum in Brazil, even though Brasilía has already refused to grant it, according to a letter that the daily Folha de São Paulo obtained and published Tuesday (December 17).

COMMENT: Even after Snowden revealed that the communications of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, several of her ministers and even the state-run oil company, Petrobras, was under surveillance by Washington, it appears that few governments are impressed with Snowden's notorious reputation.

In his letter to the "people of Brazil," Snowden emphasizes that ", if you carry a cell phone in São Paulo, the NSA can and does keep track of your location: they do this 5 billion times a day to people around the world.”

Unfortunately, Snowden, who said that he would "faithfully protect sensitive and classified information that was entrusted to him," the reality is that few citizens around the globe would trust anyone who lied to gain access to sensitive information and then disclose it for public attention.

What Snowden does not seemingly understand is that any nation that wants to stay in the good graces of Washington, will not accord a man who couldn't keep his word from political asylum, other than prehaps Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has already said he would provide Snowden asylum, providing he stopped leaking NSA secrets, a promise Snowden has not kept.