Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cambodia: British Tourist Stuart James Green Being Sought in Murder of Unidentified Woman

According to The Daily Mail, Phnom Penh police continue to search for a British fugitive, Stuart James Green, 47, who is suspected of murdering a woman in his hotel room at the Bolyna Palace Hotel in Phnom Penh on or about December 28.

Reportedly, Green is being sought everywhere in Cambodia in connection with slicing the throat of his young overnight guest with a knife. 

The nationality of the young woman has yet to be released and know motive for the homicide is known.

COMMENT: The decedent woman was found naked under a guest room bed at the Bolyna Palace, an apparently run-down hotel.

THE DAILY MAIL said an employee at the Bolyna Palace reported that Green and the young woman checked into the hotel on December 25. 

On December 28, 2013, at about 2300 hours, Green asked for his passport from the hotel receptionist and said that he was taking it to obtain money from the bank in order to pay for his hotel room.

Subsequently, Green fled without paying for his hotel bill and may have attempted to flee Cambodia, although there is no record of his ever leaving the country.

Fugitive alerts have been issued for Green at all neighboring border crossings in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Vietnam requires a visa in advance. A visa can be obtained for Laos at the border for a fee and Thailand--the easiest country to enter--gives a free 30-day visa.

The Bolyna Palace, where rooms are available for a mere US$19.78, has a less than stellar reputation.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.