Tuesday, December 31, 2013

India: Russian Tourist Victim of Snatch by Tandem Riders on Motorcycle, Stolen: Smart-Phone, Rs. 57,000

According to http://www.firstpost.com, a Russian woman tourist was robbed on Tuesday (December 31) robbed of Rs.57,000 and a smart-phone by two tandem riders on a motorcycle near Colva beach in Goa.

Erepilowa Elena complained to the Colva police that two unknown people riding a motorcycle snatched her purse containing her mobile phone and Rs.57,000 in cash near Colva beach, 35 km south of the capital. 

COMMENT: The often-used criminal tactic comes on the heels of a series of similar crimes against foreign women tourists in Goa. Nearly half a dozen snatchings have been reported across Goa's coastal belt over the last few days during the peak tourist season in December. 

The incident once again highlights the issue of safety of women tourists in Goa. An advisory issued by the British government has cautioned women tourists to be on their guard against theft and purse snatchers in specific areas in the north of Goa.  

Goa's beaches attract three million tourists annually including half a million foreigners. 

First of all, what is any solo traveler doing carrying the equivalent of $922.58 on a public beach?

Actually, 10% of the folks you see at resorts actually are actually criminals waiting for you to make a mistake!

Tip#1: Don't carry more than $50 unless you're going shopping!

Tip#2: Find out what the criminal tactics are at your destination!

Tip#3: Don't use ATMs on public streets. Actually, that's where a good number of thugs hang out so they can rob you!

Some months ago, I conducted a workshop in Miami for roughly 75 tourists destined for Latin America, where a high percentage of developing nation violent crime actually occurs.

When I asked how many of the 75 participants had accessed their foreign affairs agency's on-line website, only nine said they had, suggesting that many of these travelers may be victimized while abroad simply because they failed to access FREE information.