Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thailand: Two Thai Con-Women Drug, Steal Property Valued at 1 Million Baht (US$44,107) from Tourists

According to The Pattaya Daily News, Thai police arrested two female con-artists, one 27 and the other 31 years of age, who drugged two Turkish tourists and then stole their property valued at US$44,107 in dollars,.

The two Turkish tourists were reportedly drugged at the Riviera Resort hotel in room number 106 and 107 at which point the two women stole property consisting of cash US$40,000 in dollars, $3,107 and two smart-phones estimated to have a street value of US$500 each.

After relieving the two tourists of their cash and property, ultimately the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok apprehended the two suspects at which point they confessed to their crimes. 

COMMENT: It should be noted that the police had been pursuing the suspects since February 2013, after the criminals were apprehended after video surveillance photos revealed their identities. 

Both women were from Bangkok and obviously had been engaged in a lucrative venture in drugging and robbing tourists that they had targeted in major tourist areas.

It is customary for criminals from all over Thailand to regularly visit tourist areas for the purpose of luring them with the hope of a sexual encounter, only in the end to drug and rob them of their cash and belongings.

Based on the news report, it is unknown as to whether the police confiscated the missing cash stolen by the two women. Typically, most criminals promptly deposit windfall capital in bank accounts under a number of aliases so that they can recover the funds at a later date.

Sadly, few criminals do very little time in prison and are generally released a few years afterwards, given the crowding that most jails and prisons experience.

Having lived and worked in Thailand for a number of years, it is a common occurrence for Thai women to target foreign men with the expectation of initially luring them to hotel rooms for sexual encounters where they are served alcoholic beverages laced with drugs, thereby enabling them to easily steal their valuables.

Some tips for tourists and travelers:

1. Both victims in this case were staying at a four-star hotel which had a lobby-based, two-key safe-deposit box system whereby they could have safeguarded their cash;

2. Never carry more than US$200 in Thai currency on your person if you are expecting to have sexual relations with a stranger;

3. Never accept a drink prepared by a stranger; 

4. Never place a large amount of cash in an in-room safe deposit box, as all have a "back-door";

5. AIDS/HIV is commonplace in Thailand, thus using "safe sex" is mandatory; and

6. If you are using your hotel for a sexual liaison, ensure that the hotel management makes photo copies of the Thai national identity cards, thereby making it easier to identify those who might victimize you.