Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tip of the Day:

In keeping with our expended services and coverage of the international market, each month we will share with our readers the national website of a multitude of foreign affairs agencies worldwide that offer on-line services to their citizens and readers.

For US citizens traveling abroad, I strongly recommend that US travelers register their foreign itinerary with the US Department of State, so that (1) The State Department is aware that they are in a specific country and where they are staying; and (2) So the Department can contact them in the event of an emergency back home.

To access the US Department of State website, go to:

To register your itinerary, go to:

As a matter of interest, we urge global travelers to regularly review a number of foreign affairs agencies similar to their own, so as to assemble a wide range of threat perspectives, thereby enabling readers to derive a sense of perceptions by several different governments.