Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tip of the Day: The Importance of Residential Security for Expatriates, Continued Tomorrow

Although residential security is only one important component of many aspects (office security, school security, vehicular security, emergency communications, contingency planning and family security), there are several precepts that are critically important when it comes to residential security:
  • Gated communities that are protected with competent guard services 24/7 and appropriate intrusion alarms are far more important than the challenging and costly task of protecting a single-family structure that has no wall or fence 360 degrees in circumference;  and

  • Particularly in developing countries with high rates of crime, expat residences should have a "safe-haven" of sufficient size to accommodate all family members constructed near a barred, lockable window that swings out to afford emergency exit from the building if assailants attempt to break into the "safe-haven." 

    NOTE: This Tip of the Day will be continued tomorrow with additional tips relative to expat residences.