Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brazil: São Paulo State Governor Planning to Pay Police $298 Million for Simply Doing Their Job!

According to The Latin American Tribune, police officers in in the Brazilian state of São Paulo will receive a bonus of 2,000 reais ($852) if they manage to reduce homicides by 7% during the first quarter of this year, Governor Geraldo Alckmin said Monday (January 20).

The measure, which still must be approved by the state legislature, is part of a plan launched by Alckmin’s administration to reduce crime in the richest and most populous Brazilian state, particularly prior to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

COMMENT: Strangely, what the São Paulo governor may not realize is that under extreme pressure to clean up the country’s out-of-control violent crime before the Games, he is rewarding cops in the state for simply doing their job, in and of itself a travesty. 

The cost to "pay-off" São Paulo cops for simply doing their job: $298 million!

As I have said so often in the past, both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have been designated as having the highest level of violent crime (“Critical”) on the US Department of State’s four-tier threat system of “Critical, High, Medium and Low” for virtually decades.

For a country that prides itself in both cities being a mecca for international tourism, particularly with the 2014 and 2016 games approaching, I again voice my concern as to why two of the most violent cities on Earth were “rewarded” in hosting the two Olympic games.

For those who plan to travel to either Rio or São Paulo in conjunction with the games, please see my detailed security tips for visiting major cities in Brazil entitled “Brazil: Security Tips for Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Major Cities,” dated December 26, 2013.

“If all the goals are fulfilled, we’re going to pay 700 million reais ($298 million) in extra bonuses,” said Alckmin, who added that society “is the one who wins.”

Imagine how many hungry mouths could be fed with $298 million…if Brazilian police simply did their job? Imagine!

"No Governor Alckmin, society does NOT win in paying the cops in São Paulo to perform their sworn duties, it is the cops that win for being 'paid off.'"