Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cambodia: Body of British Tourist Stuart James Green, 47, Found, Died from His Own Hand

For those of our readers who were following the case of alleged murderer Stuart James Green, 47, who was being sought by Cambodian police in connection with the homicide of a 20-year-old Cambodian woman on or about December 28, 2013, police reportedly have found Green's body in Phnom Penh in a guesthouse. 

COMMENT: According to police, they are "70-80% sure" that the victim is Stuart James Green who apparently smashed the window of a guesthouse in the capital on January 9, and then used a piece of the glass to cut his own throat as he cut the throat of his Cambodian murder victim.

No doubt, the police in Phnom Penh are very likely pursuing having Green's fingerprints taken and perhaps having Green's family members produce blood samples for DNA analysis so as to establish a familial linkage.

On or about December 28, the housekeeping staff at the Bolyna Palace Hotel found Green's Cambodian girlfriend sandwiched between a box spring and the mattress of the room they had stayed in during December 25-28.

It is understood that the former Salford resident had significant mental health issues and had received treatment in the UK. 

The British Embassy in Phnom Penh has made no comments about Green's fugitive status or the fact that he was an accused murderer.

Green's family has been notified and are making arrangements to have his remains expatriated to the UK.