Monday, January 13, 2014

Colombia: Police Investigate Facebook Video-Clip That Depicts Woman Being Raped

According to The Latin American Tribune, Colombian police reportedly arrested five suspects on Friday (January 10) in connection with a video-clip posted on Facebook that appears to depict a woman being raped, Colombian authorities have stated.

The apparent rape took place December 28, according to the time and date code on the video. Police have arrested five suspects in connection with a video posted on Facebook.

The crime took place on December 28, according to the time and date code on the video, at a location in the central municipality of Chinchiná, which is located near the city of Manizales.

The video came to the attention of authorities and the public on Thursday (January 9), spurring outrage and a hunt for those involved.

COMMENT: “We have five suspects in custody: one adult and four minors, the regional police commander, Gen. Mireya Cordon López, told RCN Radio.

The focus now is on determining whether a rape actually occurred or the video or whether the event was a hoax, adding that police have yet to identify the woman depicted in the clip.

In the clip posted on Facebook, a man reportedly is assaulting a half-unconscious woman while other males stand by and watch.

The video was accompanied by some text in which the owner of the Facebook page identifies himself as the person who shot the clip.

The investigation is in the hands of a special team of police and personnel from the Attorney General’s Office.