The ambassador was at home with his family at the time of the explosion, according to Palestinian Embassy spokesman Nabil El-Fahel. Al-Jamal was seriously injured and rushed to a hospital where he died, according to police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova.

The safe was recently moved from the old embassy building, but it had come from a building that used to house the Palestinian Liberation Organization's (PLO) offices in the 1980s.
COMMENT: It was not immediately clear how the envoy knew that the safe had been untouched for more than 20 years or why the safe would have contained high explosives that detonated upon opening.
During the 1980s — before the fall of the Soviet Union — the PLO had close ties with the Eastern bloc countries. In recent years, relations have been strained as the Czech government was seen as largely taking Israel's side in the Mideast conflict.

The ambassador and his wife were alone in the building at the time of the detonation as it was a holiday, Malki said. His 52-year-old wife, who called embassy employees to seek help, was treated for shock at the hospital but released. She was not immediately named.View allery
Martin Cervicek, the country's top police officer, told the Czech public television that nothing was immediately found to suggest that the diplomat had been a victim of a crime.
Prague rescue service spokeswoman Jirina Ernestova said al-Jamal was placed in a medically induced coma when he first arrived at Prague Military Hospital. Dr. Daniel Langer, who works there, told public television that al-Jamal had suffered serious abdominal injuries, as well as injuries to his chest and head.
An autopsy will be conducted early this week.
The new embassy had not yet opened yet and the ambassador, who was appointed in October, spent only two nights in the new residence.
The detonation occurred in the ambassador's residence.
Al-Jamal was born in 1957, in Beirut's Sabra and Shatilla refugee camp. His family is originally from Jaffa in what is now Israel. He joined Fatah in 1975. In 1979, he was appointed deputy chief of mission in Bulgaria.