The collision occurred on Wednesday (January 8) while ten Russian tourists were being transported from Dahab to Sharm el-Sheikh in a mini-van. An Egyptian guide was also injured in the crash. 
COMMENT: All those injured in the accident were transported to the Sharm El-Sheikh International Hospital.

According to, a study of traffic fatalities worldwide reveal that the most fatalities occur (per 100,000 inhabitants) in the following countries:

1. Eritrea

2. Cook Islands

3. Egypt

4. Libya

5. Afghanistan

6. Niger

7. UAE

8. Tunisia

9. Iraq

10. Mauritania

With Egypt being third in the world for traffic fatalities, road trips in Egypt of less than a hour should be made by reputable taxi. Any road trip greater than two-to-three hours in Egypt is much safer if you fly by commercial air.

Travelers are urged to avoid mini-vans that are constantly traveling great distances over the course of day due to the fatigue level, vehicular maintenance problems and lengthy delays in transporting the injured to a hospital capable of treating trauma cases. 

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