Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hawaii: Update--Ivy Harris' Pimp Charged in Transporting a Prostitute Across State Lines

According to The Oregonian, A federal grand jury in Portland, OR has returned an indictment against Mark Anthony Miles Jr., 35, charging Miles in transporting Ivanice "Ivy" Harris, 29, across state lines in May 2013 so she could work as a prostitute. 

The four-count indictment charges Miles of traveling with Harris in early May to Hawaii to promote his "business enterprise," which was "pimping" her for work as a prostitute. 

Tragically, Harris' body was found some 40 miles from Honolulu on May 20. Active duty Marine Master Sergeant Nathaniel Cosby USMC  has been charged in her death.

Miles was arraigned Monday (January 27) and a detention hearing was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

COMMENT: Miles was one of eight alleged Portland-area pimps indicted on federal charges as part of an FBI-led enforcement called "Operation Traffic Stop.'' The defendants are accused of transporting young Portland women across the country to engage in prostitution, including to Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Idaho and Minnesota, federal prosecutors said.

"Local traffickers are sending young Portland-area women all over the country to have sex with strangers for money,'' said Oregon's US Attorney Amanda Marshall. "These young women, far from home, are being placed in grave danger, so that their pimp can buy himself a Mercedes, or a Cadillac, or an expensive pair of jeans.'' In the Miles case, federal prosecutors are seeking to seize his 2006 Mercedes Benz if he's convicted, according to court filings.

The defendants are charged under both the federal Travel Act and Mann Act. The Travel Act accuses them of traveling to another state to promote prostitution and the Mann Act accuses them of transporting women to other states to have them engage in prostitution. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Portland police arrested Miles last Friday (January 24).

Harris was visiting Hawaii to celebrate her 29th birthday with Miles, whom police and friends also have described as her boyfriend.

Detectives successfully linked Miles to Ms. Harris' death after reviewing surveillance footage that depicted Cosby and Harris meeting outside a Waikiki bar and later kissing in the elevator of a hotel where he was staying.

The other defendants arrested on federal charges of promoting prostitution across state lines include: Steven "Flawless'' Huffman Jr., 40; Jorge "Baby Slim'' Ortega Jr., 32; Jermaine "Chocolate'' Hankins, 38; Michael "Mackin Mike'' Willis Jr., 28; DeShawne "The Don'' Howard, 32; and Camilio "Killa'' Carradine, 33.

Two more defendants accused of sex trafficking a minor and transporting the minor for the purpose of prostitution have yet to be arrested.

Our thanks go out to the US Attorney's office in Portland and the FBI's excellent work in uncovering this criminal enterprise.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.