Thursday, January 2, 2014

India: Bus Falls Into 400-Foot Ravine, Killing 30, Bus Travel Discouraged for All Foreign Travelers

According to The Associated Press, a bus plunged into a 120-meter (400-feet) deep gorge Thursday (January 2) in western India, splitting open on the rocky ground below, killing at least 30 people, police said.
The driver lost control of the bus after it collided with a truck on a road near Malshej Ghat, a hilly tourist destination about 160 kilometers (100 miles) northeast of Mumbai. 
It is expected that the death toll could rise, as a several passengers cannot be found.
COMMENT: First responders on site said seven people were hospitalized for injuries, some of them in serious condition. The truck driver was also injured, but managed to keep the vehicle on the road.
The bus was on an inter-city route and carried all Indian passengers.
India has the world's deadliest roads, with more than 110,000 people killed annually. Most crashes are blamed on reckless driving, poorly maintained roads and aging vehicles.
As I have emphasized in the past, I strongly discourage foreign travelers from traveling on city or regional buses anywhere in the country.