Friday, January 31, 2014

India: Japanese Tourist Files Complaint Against Alleged Rapist Posing as Trekking Guide

According to, Goa police have filed a complaint of alleged rape against a Srinagar resident for allegedly raping a Japanese tourist in August 2013.

Speaking to IANS on Friday (January 31), police inspector Paresh Naik said the Japanese tourist said in her complaint that she was afraid of filing a complaint in Jammu and Kashmir, fearing physical harm. So, she chose to file a complaint in Goa.

COMMENT: Police in Goa have since transferred the criminal complaint back to Kashmir where the rape reportedly occurred.

The complaint reveals that the alleged rapist had posed as a trekking guide and had taken Rs.20,000 (US$319.00) from her for an excursion during which he sexually assaulted her.

Despite my best efforts to discourage solo women from traveling to India, rape allegations against foreign women continue to occur.

This report will be updated as new information is received.