Monday, January 27, 2014

Puerto Rico: $60 Million Invested in Aluminum Can Plant in Cidra

According to The Latin American Tribune, some $60 million was invested in an aluminum can plant in Cidra that will export its products to the US, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and other countries in the region, investors said.

Caribbean Can Manufacturing Company’s plant encompasses 165,000 sq. meters (1.7 million sq. feet) and created 75 direct jobs, as well as 120 indirect jobs during the construction phase.

COMMENT: The plant produces cans for different beer and soft drink brands, Caribbean Can Manufacturing Company, which is owned by Puerto Rican investors, said in a statement.

The Cidra plant has the capacity to produce 1,800 cans per minute, or about 650 million units annually, Caribbean Can has said.

Cidra is located in a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the central region of the island, north of Cayey; south of Comerío and Aguas Buenas; east of Aibonito and Barranquitas; and west of Caguas. The population of Cidra is 43,000.