Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Puerto Rico: Thirteen Puerto Ricans Murdered in First Five Days of 2014

According to The Latin American Tribune, Puerto Rico had a total of thirteen murders in the first five days of 2014, four of them during a single evening.

Among the victims was Gilberto de Jesús Casas, 43, a limousine driver and creator of “Mi Pana Gillito,” a popular character in Puerto Rico on social networks.

COMMENT: De Jesús Casas, brother of television actor Javier de Jesús, was taking his girlfriend home after going to a Christmas party. When they arrived at his girlfriend's home, the couple were fired upon by gunmen who wanted to steal Gilberto's limo.

De Jesús Casas confronted the assailants with his licensed handgun, but both he and one of the assailants were shot and killed.