Wednesday, January 22, 2014

St. Lucia: Update--Roger Pratt Died from Asphyxia Secondary to Blunt Force Trauma

On the basis of my numerous postings in connection with the January 17 murder of Britons Roger Pratt, 62, and injuries to his wife, Margaret, 60, police in St. Lucia now report that five suspects are in police custody:
COMMENT: The assailants illegally boarded a foreign vessel, the "Magnetic Attraction," while it was moored in Vieux Fort on the southern coast of the island.
Police have now confirmed that Mr. Pratt died of asphyxia secondary to blunt force trauma following a post-mortem examination conducted on Monday January 20.
“Within minutes of the robbers fleeing, Margaret went in search of her husband and found him floating in the water nearby. Roger was retrieved and transported to St. Jude Hospital via ambulance along with his wife. He was pronounced dead on arrival while Margaret was treated and discharged,” the police said.
Other than the above statement, St. Lucian police have revealed no details concerning whether the five assailants have been formally arrested, charged or incarcerated.

According to, it has been determined that St. Lucia has NO crime victim compensation program whatsoever, as do many countries.

Based upon the above statement, I dare say that St. Lucia, if it intends to continue to derive most its revenue from international tourism, it should do the following:

1. Enact and fund the establishment of a crime victim compensation program;

2. Enact and fund legislation geared to the protection of foreign vessels while in St. Lucian waters, otherwise yachts will disappear from the landscape;

3. Adequately compensate Mrs. Pratt for the emotional strain that the death of her husband and injuries to herself  have caused;

4. Ask the United Kingdom for technical assistance in the following:

(1) Bringing up-to-date and documenting through 2013, all homicides, armed robberies, assaults and rapes which have occurred in St. Lucia during 2011-2013; 

(2) assistance in bringing up-to-date a well-staffed police force capable of  keeping visitors safe while visiting St. Lucia; and

(3) the return of the "Magnetic Attraction" to British waters at St. Lucia's expense.