Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tip of the Day: Always Carry a Mobile Phone When Traveling Abroad, Particularly for Emergencies

I have often urged all travelers to carry a mobile phone 24/7 when traveling abroad in the event of a security emergency.

Let me share a few examples:

1. You're driving in a foreign country and suddenly realize that a group of men are driving behind you erratically! 

Quickly: Who do you call in this crisis? Do you even have a mobile phone? A very bad time not to have one.

2. You are driving in a developing country for the first time and unfortunately declined "full comprehensive coverage" because you are trying to save money on transportation! You are lost in the city and suddenly you strike a pedestrian in a cross-walk. He is not moving. Who are you going to call?

Quickly: Is the number of your nearest embassy or consulate in the speed-dialer of you cell-phone? If not, please place it there, as you may never know when you need to make that call. Very often the after-hours number is different.

3.  Always carry a cell-phone charger with you when traveling abroad, particularly if you are frequently talking on the phone.

Quickly: Do you know whether the country you're in requires you to have a "hands-free" device? Do you know where to get some information?

4. Is the cell-phone you are using abroad an unlocked, quad-band phone?

Quickly: do you know the difference between a locked, quad-band phone and an unlocked, quad-band phone?

If you'd like the answers to these critical questions, please check the Tip of the Day tomorrow (January 29, 2014)!