Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tip of the Day: Carry-On Luggage

Today's Tip of the Day offers several tips pertaining to "carry-on" luggage:

1. If possible, always carry only one piece of carry-on luggage, as some airlines on your itinerary may limit passengers to one piece, particularly on smaller aircraft. To see the seating configuration on all aircraft, go to;

2. The following items should NEVER be packed in checked luggage: laptops; tablets; MP3-4 players; DVD players; and digital cameras valued at $100 or more;

3. Leave all jewelry and expensive watches at home;

4. Never carry a laptop computer in a bag designed for a laptop. Such cases are a magnet for criminals. Instead, carry a well-worn backpack with a padded insert for your laptop. Another tip: Get a compact laptop for traveling. They're much lighter and will serve you well, even on a long trip;

5. If you are transporting a lot of electronics in your carry-on bag, considering insuring such items through:;

6. NEVER carry a laptop under your arm or in a open tote-bag aboard an aircraft; accidents DO happen. Also, NEVER place a laptop in the seat pocket in front of you, as they are too easy to leave on the plane; 

7. If you are carrying a large sum of money aboard an airliner or a laptop you've been working on, take BOTH to the restroom with you, as theft and larceny DOES happen aboard aircraft; 

8. Never let a porter carry your carry-on. Imagine everything you have in it and what a nightmare having it stolen could produce?; and

9. Always carry your passport on your person.