Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tip of the Day: Use a Dual-Time, Inexpensive Watch to Know What the Time is @ Home, Destination

I know that I've raised this in the past, but I strongly urge all of our readers to do two things when traveling abroad:

1. Wear an inexpensive watch, preferably under $50; and

2. Select a dual-time watch so that you can have both the time at your destination as well as  at home.

Wearing an inexpensive watch, is particularly important! 

If you are wearing a visible watch that has greater value than $100 or is a counterfeit version of a well-known and high-end watch such as Rolex or Tag Heuer, you may be robbed at gunpoint for wearing an imitation that costs $30-50.

Criminals in developing nations may not know that you're wearing an imitation watch and may seriously injure you or worse, shoot and kill you, over a $30-50 look-a-like. 

Both choices are important because if you don't know the time at your destination and what time it is at home, the impact of "jet-lag," particularly when traveling through ten or more time zones, may be realized to a much greater degree.