Saturday, February 15, 2014

Costa Rica: Update--Murder of US Citizen Kurt Heigis, 64, American Reportedly Married to Blandón

According to Inside Costa Rica, after nearly two hours of searching, divers were unable to locate the knife used in the stabbing death of US Citizen Kurt Heigis, 64, who was killed north of San José on February 9.  
Divers exhaustively searched the Chachaguita River, which flows under a bridge where unknown assailants intercepted and killed Heigis as he drove home in the company of Marta Rafaela Blandón, 30, who is from Nicaragua.
Reportedly, Blandón survived by begging for her life.
COMMENT: As said in previous postings, money was apparently not a motive in Heigis' death; from all indications, killing the American was the only criminal objective, as those who ended Mr. Heigis' life left a large amount of cash in the vehicle…untouched.
What family members were seemingly unaware of is that Heigis was legally married to Blandón, including daughter, Joanna Mong, who only recently learned of her father’s marriage from US Embassy officials. 
“He told no one. Not even his closest friends, his mother nor his sister,” Mong told INSIDE COSTA RICA. 
If Mr. Heigis was actually legally married to Ms. Blandón, that no doubt could complicate the family's entitlement to what property and assets Heigis had, as well as decisions relative to settling his estate and burial arrangements.  
This report will be updated as new information becomes available.