Sunday, February 16, 2014

Global Impact: German Chancellor Orders Counterintelligence Efforts Against Allies

According to Der Spiegel, Germany plans to dramatically enhance its counterintelligence stratagems against its allies in response to the revelations and leaks by mass leaker Edward Snowden the publication reported on Sunday (February 16).

The weekly said the German government was considering deploying its own agents to keep tabs on Western secret services and embassies, particularly those operating on German soil. 

Unfortunately, Washington and London both were embarrassed by their "over the top" excesses in economic espionage against trusted allies. 

COMMENT: It said the plans would require the final approval of Chancellor Merkel’s office as well as the foreign and interior ministries.

Of course, the Obama Administration’s economic espionage against Germany were “flagged” on a heretofore trusted ally when it targeted and eavesdropped on Merkel's mobile phone.

Media reports last year also confirmed that much of the equipment on the roofs of the US and British embassies in  Berlin was used for electronic surveillance.

Merkel said Saturday (February 15) ahead of a summit with French President François Hollande that they would discuss bolstering citizens’ data protection with “European communication networks” that bypass US Internet giants. 

Needless to say, NSA's wholesale eavesdropping on the personal information of citizens across the globe commenced, sadly, increased distrust among close allies and friends. 

If anything, the downside is that a country once known for institutional  integrity, has rendered itself, by its own hand, a country that has become one that simply cannot be trusted.

As a matter of interest, ‎the United States continues to slip in its world standing among the most transparent countries: