Wednesday, February 5, 2014

India: Two French Women Molested in Central India, Suspects, Beaten, Taken Into Custody by Citizens

According to The Times of India, two youths impersonating "tourist guides" were arrested on for molesting two French tourists at the historic Mandore Garden on Wednesday (February 5). 

Two Frenchwomen visited Mandore Garden on Wednesday afternoon and were greeted  by two youths identified as Jasan Khilji and Musarak Alam, both in their twenties, who introduced themselves as "tourist guides" and offered to take the foreign women to see the Garden.

Subsequently, the two con-men accompanied the two women to an isolated area at which point the assailants molested them, resulting in the victims' calling for help.

COMMENT: One thing about crime in India is that it is so pervasive that the assailants rushed towards the main gate of the Garden and attempted to flee, yet the cries for help prompted local citizens to grab the criminals and beat them about the head and shoulders until tourist police arrived. 

Of course, the puzzling question is: Why do Indian citizens so often perform the work of the police?

It is unknown as to how many thieves, rapists, con-men, assailants and predators are actually arrested by Indian police, but from the anecdotal postings reported in this daily blog over the years, it can be presumed that local police are not out in the streets actively engaged in proactive crime suppression efforts.

In the years that our blog has grown in readership, the majority of crimes against citizens and foreigners alike rarely occur as a result of police intervention before the fact.

Please see the following 2009 report of the 118-page review of the Indian police system entitled "Broken System: Dysfunction, Abuse, and Impunity in the Indian Police which was produced by Human Rights Watch:


According to the United Nations, the world mean for police officers per 100,000 population is 300 officers. 

Yet, in the case of India, the second most populated country in the world, there are only 130 police officers per 100,000 population, which is largely why crime in the country is so out-of-control. 

Another factor is that generally speaking the cops they do have spend far too much time in the station house.