Saturday, February 15, 2014

Israel: Crime Figure Known to Police Gunned Down in Tel Aviv, See Security Tips

According to The Times of IsraelTaher Lalah, 27, of Jaffa, was shot to death multiple times on Saturday afternoon (February 15) near a bustling Tel Aviv beachfront in what police have described as an underworld "hit."

Masked gunmen, riding tandem on motorcycles, opened fire on Lalah in his silver BMW near HaTachana, a popular tourist destination filled with cafes and shops.
The suspects fled as quickly as they appeared. 
COMMENT: Lalah's BMW did have other occupants, but they remained unharmed, with the apparent focus being on Lalah.
According to Israel Radio, initial police investigations determined that the murder was part of an ongoing conflict between criminal groups in Jaffa.
Saturday’s murder is the latest in a series of underworld assassinations on the streets of Israel.
A man was killed by in a car explosion in south Tel Aviv last weekend in what police believe was a vendetta between rival crime rings.
A month ago, another man was shot point-blank on a busy Jaffa street by two motorcyclists in what was also believed to be related to organized crime activity.
Last week, Police Chief Yohanan Danino publicly acknowledged that the rivalry between two competing crime groups "was crippling to citizens’ sense of security, and saying he considered these attacks to be a form of “terrorism.”

Having spent a good part of my adult life preventing acts of terrorism for the US government, for those of our readers living in countries where acts of terrorism, assassination and bombings can be a frequent occurrence, I would suggest the following tips:

1. Be systematically vigilant 24/7, as many parts of the world can be perilous and unpredictable;

2. While driving or walking in the course of your day, let your ears be a barometer for dangerous situations;

3. If you hear gunfire or an explosion, avoid the area from where the threat is emanating;

4. A learned skill is to let your eyes become a visual scanner of everything that is going on around you so you can take correction action to protect yourself and those you are with;

5.  Always carry a mobile phone. This is a must;

6. Use your mobile's speed-dialer to quickly dial critical numbers that include: family; close friends; the police emergency number; 2-3 hospitals; work colleagues; and friends in public safety agencies;

7. Understand the difference between "cover" and "concealment." "Cover is something that will prevent you from being harmed physically," while "concealment will only hide you from being observed." 

If there is an explosion, gunfire, etc., COVER is what you should always seek!

8. If you see a violent act in-progress...always call police, as you may be the only one that has observed the crime;

9. If you have children in school at the time of a threatening event, contact the school, speak to a teacher, explain the situation as it is occurring and urge the school to safeguard your children, or pick them up from school, depending in the situation; and

10. If you are walking or driving, be observant of those around you which includes scanning your side mirrors and interior rear-view mirror, paying particular attention to those who are watching you and those you are with. 

Be observant; remember the types of vehicles; clothing characteristics; colors; makes/models; physical characteristics of people, etc.