Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Malaysia: Update--German Climber, 22, Fell 98 Feet While Taking Photographs in "Cordoned-Off" Area

According to http://www.malaysiandigest.com, the body of German climber Viktoria Paulsen, 22, who was killed yesterday (February 10) when she fell off Mount Kinabalu’s peak while taking photographs was brought down to the base camp earlier today.

COMMENT: Unfortunately, Ms. Paulsen had traversed a "cordoned off" area and was taking photographs when she slipped and fell some 98 feet from the peak.

Climber safety is paramount before and after reaching the summit when fatigue and excitement can easily take over.

It is the responsibility of guides to ensure that climbers not engage in high-risk behavior and that all climbers use the "buddy-system" at all times so as to avoid falls.