Thursday, February 13, 2014

México: Update--Suspect Arrested in Murder of Canadian Couple, Assailant's Brother Still a Fugitive

According to http://www.castanet.netone of two suspects in the slaying of a Canadian couple Linda Marian Discombe, 72, and her husband, Edward J. Kular, 84, in the western state of Jalisco is in custody, according to a statement issued on Thursday (February 13).

Police apprehended Chapala resident Julio César Castillo Casillas on Wednesday (February 8), the Jalisco state Attorney General’s Office said in a statement. Castillo’s brother remains a fugitive.

Mexican authorities have arrested one suspect and launched an interstate manhunt for another as they investigate the grisly slaying of an elderly Canadian couple.
Edward Kular and Nina Discombe were found lying in a pool of blood Sunday (February 9) in the living room of their home where they had lived for at least six months.
COMMENT: The two Castillo brothers seemingly had not done a very good job of casing the Canadian couple’s home, as upon entering the home they came face-to-face with Edward and Nina who they summarily bludgeoned to death for fear of being recognized.
One fact that all homeowners should be cautiously aware of is the fact that burglars routinely drive through neighborhoods they are interested in targeting to see signs of expensive merchandise being moved into homes.
In particular, days before the Canadian couple was killed, a large-screen television was moved into their home, which, regrettably, was not missed by the two brothers.
The suspects broke into the couple's home in the community of Ajijic early in the morning believing Kular and Discombe would still be sleeping, Najera alleged, but instead found them wide awake.
The assailants left the dead couple’s home with a big-screen television, other appliances, cash, debit cards and the couple’s vehicle.