Friday, February 21, 2014

Tip of the Day: Don't Use Vehicles That Are Not Air-Conditioned

I must confess that I used today's Tip of the Day to tempt your curiosity. 

Actually, today's tip concerns far more than not traveling in un-air-conditioned vehicles.

Several years ago, I was in Brazil on a work project when a European businessman was traveling to an appointment in São Paulo during daylight hours.

Unfortunately for the executive, he had selected a taxi whose air-conditioner was not working, at least that was what the driver told him. Actually, many taxi drivers may tell you that the A/C is not working, in order to get better mileage.

Getting back to the anecdote, one reason I tell all travelers to NOT use un-air-conditioned vehicles is because while traveling to his appointment, the taxi stopped at a traffic-signal while motorists were waiting for the light to change. 

With the executive in the back seat…perspiring…a criminal grabbed his wrist and quickly removed the expansive band from his wrist...and fled into traffic! 

Sadly, for the victim, it was a $2,500 watch, one reason why I have always urged all business travelers to wear an inexpensive athletic watch!

Rather than perspiring in business dress, ask the concierge at your hotel for the card of an executive driver who can also look after your best interests.