Monday, February 17, 2014

Tip of the Day: Security Tips for Cruise-Ship Passengers Going Ashore

As most of our loyal readers know, in recent years cruise-ship passengers going ashore or participating in excursions have become crime victims by not "dressing down" and reducing their security vulnerabilities.

Consequently, I suggest the following:

1. Wear no apparel that identifies you as a cruise-ship passenger;

2. "Dress-down"; Don't look like you are from a cruise-ship;

3. Carry no more than $100 in cash at any given moment, at which point you should make purchases only through reputable retailers;

4. Do not use street-installed ATMs EVER, particularly at night;

5. Take only one credit/debit ashore with you and leave all others safeguarded on the ship;

6. Leave you SLR digital camera safely aboard the ship, as such a "high-end" camera will serve as a "magnet" for street thugs; 

7. If you know your ports of call, order the necessary amounts of currency in advance by mail and remember to have it insured. A reliable vendor is: 

8. If you are transporting a digital camera, laptop, tablet, MP-3,4 player or other electronics aboard the ship, insure such items through;

9. Leave your smart-phone at home and purchase an unlocked, quad-band GSM mobile to save money;

10. Don't purchase or wear a counterfeit watch of a high-end brand as no one one wants to die over a $40 watch;

11. If you are held up at gunpoint, NEVER, EVER resist! Any of your property can be replaced, but you cannot be!

12. Always travel at night by reputable taxi;

13. Always purchase international medical and evacuation coverage before you leave home in the event you become injured or ill. For options see: 


14. Don't travel by collectivos, many of which are not licensed or insured, particularly if you have made "high-end" purchases; and

15. Do not make arrangements for your own ground excursions, largely because you may be "ripped-off" by vendors you arrange on your own, who are not vetted and screened by the cruise-ship line.