Saturday, February 22, 2014

UAE: Intoxicated Brazilian Tourist, 31, Hits, Kills British Expat, 29, Only Two Months in Jail

According to Dubai’s daily, 7Days, a Brazilian motorist, 31, has been jailed for two months in the hit-and-run death of a British expat, 29, after he ran over and killed the pedestrian in Dubai, it was reported on Tuesday (February 17).

Dubai Traffic Court sentenced the 31-year-old Brazilian defendant, who was on a visit visa.

It was reported that the driver who killed the Briton was arrested three hours after the incident as he attempted to leave the UAE via Dubai Airport in November 2013.

The British expat died at the scene in Al-Sufouh Road about 0200, the court was told.

COMMENT: Tests showed that the driver had consumed alcohol. Dubai Traffic Prosecution charged him with wrongfully causing death to a pedestrian, driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and fleeing the scene of an accident, the paper noted.

The Dubai Traffic Court also suspended the Brazilian’s driving license for six months and ordered him to pay AED150,000 (US$29,755) to the victim’s family.

Sadly, the Emiratis presume that survivors of family members killed care only about money.

It is the loss of a young life that the family will endure for the rest of their days.

For a country that prides itself in the punishment fitting the crime, it is an outrage that a hit-and-run driver is deprived of his freedom for two measly months after taking a young, promising life, particularly considering that the driver attempted to leave the country rather than face his legal responsibilities.