Saturday, March 22, 2014

Brazil: President Rousseff Projected to Win Re-Election in First Round

According to The Latin American Tribune, President Dilma Rousseff is projected to win re-election in the first round if the election scheduled for October 2014 were held today (March 22), according to a voter survey released Thursday (March 20) by the Ibope institute, thus maintaining her broad lead over all challengers.

The survey, which was made public by the São Paulo daily O Estado and Globo television, found that Rousseff would receive 43% of the votes, the same rating she held in November 2013 in the latest poll undertaken by the firm.
Forty-three percentage points would guarantee the president more votes than all the other candidates combined, given that almost one-quarter of those surveyed said they would cast blank ballots, thus ensuring her re-election without the need for a runoff.

Opposition politician Aecio Neves, of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB), moved up by 1% to 15% in the latest poll, while Eduardo Campos, of the Brazilian Socialist Party remained at 7%.

COMMENT: Ibope also asked those surveyed about the scenario in which other minority party candidates were included and Rousseff still would win re-election in the first round.

In that scenario, the president would garner 40% of the votes, followed by Neves with 13%, Campos with 6% and Sen. Randolfe Rodrigues with 1%, while 24% of those surveyed said they would cast blank ballots and 12% did not answer the question.

In a hypothetical runoff, the survey also found that Rousseff, a member of the Workers Party (PT), would win by wide margins against her two main adversaries.

No one has formerly declared his or her presidential candidacy as yet, but all the prospective aspirants have been acclaimed by their respective political parties.

The survey was conducted among 2,002 people throughout Brazil between March 13-17. It has an error margin of 2%.