Monday, March 24, 2014

British-Owned Aviva International Offers Cross-Border Med Insurance, Save the US, Caribbean

According to The Telegraph, UK-based Aviva International claims that its new scheme allows policyholders to cross national boundaries without paying full "globetrotter" premiums. The bad news: The US and the Caribbean are excluded

Unfortunately, Aviva has made no public statements as to why the the US and the Caribbean have been excluded from coverage.

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Aviva is reportedly overhauling its plans effective February 1 to allow customers to roam across borders while retaining their medical coverage. 

The company is Britain's largest insurer, with some 14 million customers across all types of coverage. It says its International Solutions plans will "make mobility between countries easier for customers and provide them with wider coverage around the world." 

COMMENT: Policyholders' premiums will be determined based on the risk zone in which they are assigned, as well as on their age. A spokesman explained: "There are six risk pools, one being the cheapest, six being the most expensive.

For all customers, irrespective of where they are based, emergencies are covered for up to 60 days in any given country. 

Customers can buy "add-on" coverage such as dental coverage, alternative therapies and compassionate travel in the event of a family emergency. 

There was no indication from the company as to the amounts involved. 

In a related development, Aviva is launching a Gulf Solutions policy for expats based across Middle Eastern countries. 

Based upon the the way in which Aviva has described its cross-border medical coverage, particularly in light of so many risk factors, one is left with the puzzling impression that senior citizens will get the "short straw."

As is often said, "the devil is in the details." For coverage that ostensibly is being offered effective February 1, the details are in fact very elusive.