Monday, March 24, 2014

Canada: Toronto Pomeranian, 4, Despite Ransom Demand, is Reunited With Her Owner

According to, Amanda Wright, 23, a resident of Toronto and her husband, Shane, were heart-broken when Paige, 4, the couple's Pomeranian, was kidnapped from their apartment building.
"On March 12, while I was at work, a man entered my apartment building to try and get money from an acquaintance of his," said Wright. "When that neighbor refused, the man walked up and down the hallway jiggling doorknobs." 

Unfortunately for the young couple, Shane has just left their apartment temporarily to do laundry, leaving the door unlocked.

One successful doorknob jiggle later, the man was inside the couple's home. He grabbed their dog and ran from the apartment before Shane returned. 

COMMENT: Minutes later, Amanda received a call thinking that it was someone who might have their cherished dog.

Sadly, the caller telephone Amanda from a blocked number. 

He went on to explain how valuable Pomeranians are and demanded money for the return of Paige.

Typical of all kidnappers, the man suddenly hung up and couldn't be reached due to the blocked number. 

The bright, persevering young couple plastered missing/stolen dog signs all over the neighborhood and even used social media sites to pass the word on Paige being stolen. 

The couple even reported Paige's theft to Toronto police, which failed to turn up any leads.

Days later, an anonymous tipster let the couple know that the dog-napper had been spotted with the couple's dog. 

What's more, the tipster provided Wright with the alleged dog-napper's name, a building where he hangs out and a description of a woman previously seen with Paige. 

Wright said Shane then spent 12 hours scanning security footage from their building and the building the tipster had told them about. He managed to spot the man at both locations with Paige, identified by the blue argyle sweater she had on when she was stolen.

Then, two days later, the couple received another phone call. This time from a woman in Peterborough, who said she had purchased a Pomeranian for $600.00. After seeing photos of Paige, the woman believed it was the same dog.
They agreed to meet in Oshawa, at a midway point. 

There, Wright found herself standing in front of a Pomeranian, needing to find out if the dog was indeed Paige:

"I was able to get Paige to do her ballerina trick," Wright said, describing how Paige stood up on her hind legs and did a little spin. 

"My heart just dropped," Wright said. "It was the most amazing thing in the entire world." Wright said the woman had lost a dog once and never got it back, and so she knew she had to get in touch. 

Wright, also wanting to do the right thing, gave the woman $600.00, as she had nothing to do with Paige's theft and was so tickled to have Paige back home. 

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