Sunday, March 9, 2014

Canada/US: In the Spirit of Bi-Lateral Cooperation, US Navy Come to Aid of Fire Aboard HMS Protecteur

According to The Latin American Tribune, US Navy ships came to the aid of Canada's HMS Protecteur after sustaining and at-sea fire on February 28.

The destroyer USS Michael Murphy arrived on scene immediately after the fire occurred.

Subsequently, the cruiser USS Chosin arrived and began towing the HMS Protecteur while transporting food and water to the crippled  ship with its helicopters. The Michael Murphy took on nineteen family members and civilian contractors from HMS Protecteur, as well as a Canadian sailor with a hand injury, and arrived at Pearl Harbor on March 4.

The fleet ocean tug USNS Sioux took over towing on March 2 and took HMS Protecteur into port.

COMMENT: “The incredible courage of the crew of Protecteur and the resiliency of their families during this tumultuous time is truly inspiring,” said Rear Admiral Bill Truelove, commander of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Maritime Forces Pacific. 

“The RCN is appreciative of the tremendous support that has been provided by the US Navy, US Coast Guard and all those involved in helping get HMS Protecteur and her crew safely back to Pearl Harbor.”

Protecteur had been serving as the oil replenishment ship in the Pacific, helping other ships for the month of February. The fire occurred during the ship’s return to Esquimalt, BC.

With so much negativity in the news these days, the team spirit of all concerned is to be commended, regardless of the nationalities of those in distress on the high seas.

The most important component of this apolitical message point is that all masters of all vessels continue to place themselves in Harm's Way in the interest of saving lives, rather than doing what is politically correct.

The world's seas are the last bastion of where political correctness holds absolutely no weight! Yes!