Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Colombia: Air Ambulance Owned by Aereas de Colombia Explodes Upon Landing in Villavicencio

According to The Latin American Tribune, at least six people died on Wednesday (March 12) aboard an air ambulance that exploded as it was about to land at the Villavicencio Airport in the central Colombian province of Meta.

According to the director of Civil Aviation in Meta, César Robayo, the aircraft had taken off from Bogotá and was heading for Araracuara, a small jungle enclave between the southern provinces of Caqueta and Amazonas.

COMMENT: While approaching the airport, a mechanical failure was reported at which point the pilot emphasized that it needed to land immediately. Half a mile from the runway, the aircraft exploded leaving no survivors.

The aircraft, whose make and model was not known, had departed from Bogotá early in the morning and crashed at 0635 hours.
The aircraft was owned by Aereas de Colombia. The pilot, co-pilot, a physician, an assistant, a nurse and a relative were all killed when the fuselage exploded as the plane touched down.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.