Saturday, March 1, 2014

Global Impact: Canadian PM Harper Recalls Ottawa's Ambassador, Refuses to Attend Group of Eight Meeting, Urges Withdrawal of Russian Troops

According to The Associated Press, Canada says it is pulling its ambassador from Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine.

A statement issued by Prime Minister Stephen Harper after an emergency Cabinet meeting says Canada also is pulling out of the Group of Eight process being chaired by Russia for an international economic summit in June 2014.

Harper strongly condemns Russia's military intervention in Ukraine and urges President Vladimir Putin to withdraw his deployed troops.

COMMENT: International pressure is growing on Russia after its troops took over the strategic Crimea region on Saturday (March 1). 

Russia's Parliament granted Putin authority to use the military to protect Russian interests in Ukraine, where a new government has been named after demonstrations pushed President Viktor Yanukovych from office.

Yanukovych is now residing in Russia, although President Putin has only talked with him by phone, suggesting that the ousted former Ukrainian president is somewhat radioactive.

Rather than saying what he can't do, PM Harper is taking definitive action within his purview, unlike US President Barack Obama, who claims that his hands are tied.