Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guam: Two Assailants Rob Japanese Tourists at Knife-Point, Suspects Arrested

According to The Pacific News Center, two suspects are in custody for the robbery of a Japanese tourist at knife-point early this morning (March 12) near Tumon Bay.

Guam Police Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia reports that suspects Peter Robert Cruz, 35, of Sinajana, and Theodore Dwight Borja Nelson, 23, of  Dededo, were arrested earlier today in Harmon by members of the Criminal Justice Strike Force and have been remanded into custody.

Guam Police Department (GPD) Spokesperson Balajadia reports that at 1220 hours outside the Fiesta Hotel when Japanese tourists flagged down a Tumon/Tamuning Precinct Officer and reported the armed robbery.

The victim told police that the suspects who robbed him got away in a white colored pickup truck which left the Fiesta parking lot and headed west on Route 14, San Vitores towards the JFK Hill Road. 

COMMENT: Tumon/Tamuning subsequently met with Fiesta G4S personnel and examined CCTV footage on which they saw a man exiting from a silver colored Ford Ranger. Minutes later the same man was seen running back to the truck,  being chased by three Japanese tourists, at which point the Ford truck fled.

By 0125 hours, members of the Criminal Justice Strike Force pulled over a Silver color Ford Ranger in the parking lot of the American Bakery in Harmon. The two occupants were later identified as Cruz and Nelson according to the assailants' description provided by the crime victims.

At a minimum, the Guam Police Department should transparently disclose the actual crime occurring in Guam, rather than concealing both Part I and II offenses that keep visitors flat-footed in terms of the actual criminal threat in Guam.

Unfortunately, as in the case of the majority of US territories, with few exceptions, the majority of territories have extraordinary levels of crime, which leaves a lasting imprimatur on the Obama Administration.

Interestingly, every tourist who visits Guam, Saipan, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands may believe they are traveling to the US, but in actuality crime is the prevailing threat in most of these US territories.

It should also be noted that Puerto Rico has a crime rate double that of the highest crime rate on the Mainland (Chicago).

The truth be told, the Obama Administration is urging that a fast-track effort be undertaken to make Puerto Rico the 51st US state, largely because 75% of Puerto Ricans voted for President Obama in previous presidential elections.

Does the US really want to make Puerto Rico the 51st state at a time when:

1. Unemployment is approaching 15%;

2. A significant percentage of  Puerto Ricans are receiving food stamps;

3. The highest crime rate on the Mainland (Chicago) is dwarfed by twice the homicide rate in Puerto Rico;

4. The only reason the Obama Administration wants Puerto Rico to become the 51st to do so before election day 2016: November 8.