Friday, March 28, 2014

India: Polish Tourist, 25, Assaulted, Robbed of Nearly US$3,000+ at Ahmedabad Railway Station

Female Polish tourist Patrycya Barba Korzen, 25, employed as a nurse in the UK, was reportedly robbed of collective cash and valuables at the Ahmedabad Railway Station amounting to Rs. 1.72 lakh at 0645 hours on Thursday (March 27).

For clarification, Rs. 1.72 lakh is roughly Rs. 175,000 (US$2,905.74).

The crime victim was robbed of three cameras, 100 British pounds, an iPad and Indian currency collectively valued at Rs 1.72 lakh at the railway station, the police said Friday (March 28).

Exclusive of 100 British pounds ($165) and three cameras that would have to be appraised in terms of replacement value.

COMMENT: If our readers ever become a crime victim while abroad ALWAYS report the crime to the NEAREST police station, otherwise there could be jurisdictional challenges that will only further complicate complaints.

The assault and robbery occurred while the victim and a female Polish friend were scheduled to board the Gujarat Express at Ahmedabad railway station, which is the connecting train to Mumbai on their way from Jodhpur.

After the victims resisted the assault and robbery, the assailants attacked Korzen with a sharp object, injuring her head. 

Instead of reporting the matter to the local police in Gujarat, the victims reached Mumbai on the Gujarat Express and checked into a South Mumbai hotel, where the hotel staff asked her to file a complaint.

Documents of the case has been sent to a police station in Gujarat for further investigation, since the incident occurred there.

I strongly encourage crime victims to not resist a violent crime, particularly when there are multiple assailants, as serious injury and even death can result from altercations with armed assailants.

Although it is understandable why crime victims instinctively resist an armed robbery, no amount of material goods is worth risking serious injury or death over.

Unless you have evidence that reincarnation is certain upon death, it is prudent to accept the fact that most of us only get one chance at life.

If you are carrying high-value electronics, I strongly suggest that you contact so as to obtain international insurance for such items as laptops, iPads, digital cameras, MP-3,4-players, etc. Such coverage can often be obtained for under $300.

Another reason to declare a list of all of your high-value electronics upon departure from home is to obtain a copy that you originally possessed such property. This can be invaluable to you in clearing customs while traveling abroad. 

India is hardly a low-risk destination which is why I encourage all travelers to prepare for their trip abroad very carefully.