Sunday, March 16, 2014

India: Update--Danish Rape Victim, 51, Gang-Raped by Upwards of 15 Men

According to, the tourist guide from Copenhagen, 51, who was gang-raped in the heart of New Delhi on January 14, 2014, is bring to light exactly how many times the Danish woman was actually gang-raped.

Now, two-months after the horrifying attack, as the gang-rape no doubt has become clearer in her mind, the victim now recalls much more from January 14:

“I was ravaged at least 15 times, there were so many men. I stood under the shower for four hours after I went back to the hotel,” she told police.

The victim's statement, accessed by The Hindustan Times, seemingly does bring into light the fact that confidentiality and privacy is non-existent in the India of today:

“Initially, she claimed there were seven to nine rapists involved,” said a police official. “Later, after she sufficiently settled down, she told us seven people had assaulted her,” he added.

COMMENT: The Danish woman was allegedly gang-raped a short distance from Connaught Place on the afternoon of January 14. She was walking to her Paharganj hotel from the National Museum when she encountered the alleged assailants drinking at the Railway Officers Club. 

She stopped and asked them for directions. The men subsequently pinned her down, robbed her and proceeded to rape her "en mass."

Although six assailants have been charged in the gang-rape, presumably the Railway Officers Club is a place where only members can drink at a reduced cost. What about them? Have all of them who were present at the club that day?

The six Indian men charged in the Danish woman's gang-rape, may or may not include all of the men who actually participated. Has the Indian Police Service actually done a thorough job in investigating a crime that will remain in the victim's mind the rest of her days?

In the interest of transparency, at least six assailants have been charged in the gang-rape of the victim and have been remanded into custody. 

The real question is: Were all of those who participated in the gang-raped actually charged?

As I expected, India does NOT have a crime victim compensation program as do many developed nations. If India had such a program, they would be go broke funding an onslaught of claims. 

A group of creative Indian engineering students have designed an innovative style of underwear for women which will repel would-be rapists with a disabling electric shock: 

It is unknown as to whether the Indian Police Service offers rape victims the anti-retroviral (ARV) medication to prevent HIV-infection. This treatment is called Post-exposure prophylaxis or PEP.

Anti-retroviral medicines are mostly given to people once they have AIDS, but PEP can help to prevent HIV infections if they are taken within 72 hours (3 days) of being raped. PEP is not a guarantee that you will not get HIV after rape and you need follow-up tests for up to six months after a rape.