Saturday, March 15, 2014

Job Opportunities Abroad: The International Employers Forum

The International Employers Forum ("IEF") is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing current and relevant information and networking opportunities for legal and human resources professionals whose organizations employ workers globally. These leaders and the companies they serve face unique challenges due to the economic, cultural and legal realities of conducting international business. 

The IEF is an important and vibrant forum for professionals to engage in discussion and share ideas, meet others responsible for global employment practices, and learn about new and evolving employment laws and procedures in countries throughout the world.

Companies of all sizes are becoming increasingly global in scope, and their legal and human resources professionals are facing complex challenges of building a robust and profitable workplace outside of the United States. 

The IEF is an organization dedicated to addressing the needs of multinational employers. It is focused on a wide scope of significant legal and human resources topics that will enable its members to help their organizations leverage the dynamics of conducting business on an international basis. 

The IEF conducts educational seminars, webinars, roundtable events and networking sessions where global employment law and human resources matters are presented, often with accompanying certification credits provided through the Human Resource Certification Institute and other entities. 

Experienced professionals in numerous areas of international law, human resources, benefits, compensation, tax, immigration and safety and health regularly conduct seminars and lead discussions on topics such as:

• New and evolving trends in global human resources law, legislation  and human resources
• Challenges of recruitment, the hiring process and talent acquisition
• Management of the safety, health and security of a global workforce
• The application of US discrimination and other laws outside of the US, application of 
   international laws in the US
• Global benefits, compensation and tax issues
• The creation of successful expatriate arrangements and agreements
• Immigration practice and law both inside and outside of the US
• The local legal landscape governing site closures and mass layoffs
• International laws regarding employment contracts
• Employee discipline and dismissal issues
• Relocation and mobility management
• Privacy rights in countries throughout the world
• Data privacy challenges for the multinational employer
• Union and Works Council updates
• Discrimination and harassment law and cases internationally
• Leveraging and understanding cultural differences in business and the workplace
• Best practices in global employee communications

The IEF is located in several cities throughout the United States, with both national and local representation. The exciting exchange of ideas and networking will have a significant and positive impact on your organization's international business projects and human resources functions.

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For further information, please contact:

Samina Subhan
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International Employers Forum
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