Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mozambique: Belgian Expat Building a Home in Pemba Has Her Hand Nearly Severed During Burglary

According to AFP, a Belgian woman, age unknown, was wounded in a machete attack in a Mozambican region which is being transformed by a rush of foreign investment in newly found natural gas, police said on Saturday (March 29).

The woman nearly had her hand chopped off in the overnight attack at a house in a village near Pemba, a city in north Mozambique, according to Capo Delgado provincial police. 

COMMENT: The Belgian woman was injured so severely that she had to be medically evacuated to South Africa as her had was nearly severed from her body.

Three assailants broke into the remote coastal property in Ngoma village just before midnight on Friday (March 28) attacked the woman and fled with two cellphones. 

A friend and neighbor of the victim said the assailants entered her bedroom through a roof entrance.

When she saw them "she screamed, lifted her hands to protect herself and they cut off her hand - almost. It was hanging by a string," said the friend asking not be named.

The woman, according to the friend, is building a house in the same compound where a wealthy old Franco-Belgian aristocratic family also has properties.

"In the seven years we have been living here we have never had an incident of this kind," the owner of the tourist Ilala Lodge, George Korb, told AFP.

The country is changing very quickly as a result of billions of dollars pouring into the country to process recently discovered natural gas.

Once fully operational, natural gas will account for more than 10% of gdp.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.